Layton Elem. School
369 West Gentile Street, Layton, UT 84041
Phone: 801-402-3500
Fax: 801-402-3501
Web address: www.davis.k12.ut.us/144

Coming to School

Admission Procedures

Utah law states that children must be born on or before September 1st to enter Kindergarten. Parents are required to show their child’s immunization record or documentary proof of immunizations for school enrollment. Parents must present an official birth certificate for children entering school for the first time.

Registration Card

We need current contact information to be able to communicate with you about your child. Please update the registration card yearly, and throughout the year as changes are made. Please advise us when phone numbers or addresses change. Emergency contacts should be on the card. Your child will be released to an emergency contact only after you have called the office to give us your permission.

Bad Weather

If weather is cold or otherwise bad, we will allow students to come in before the bell and wait in the gym for school to start. For more information about extreme conditions, refer to www.davis.k12.ut.us or news media.

 Arriving at School

Children should not arrive at school before 8:30, unless they are eating breakfast here. There is no supervision on the playground before school. Our doors open for students at 8:45 am. On stormy or cold days, students will assemble in the cafeteria to wait quietly for the bell to ring.

Staying After School

Students are not asked to stay after school for any reason, unless you give your permission.

Leaving School During the Day

·         If your child is to be checked out, a parent or guardian must be the one to check the child out, coming into the school office.

·         If you must have someone else pick them up, you must notify the school to authorize it.  We cannot release your child to anyone whose name does not appear on your registration card unless you authorize it.

·         Please know that we will ask for ID for anyone, even the parent, checking a student out of school.

·         The office will call your child down to be released. Please do not go to the classroom.

·         Students need to check back in through the office if they return to school during the day.

Drop Off/Pick Up

For the safety of our students, we ask that you pick up/drop off your child in the designated loop on the east end of the school only. The bus loop in the front is reserved for buses during the half hours before and after school. Buses have priority during those hours; using the loop may cause you long delays.

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast is served from 8:20-8:40 a.m. in the cafeteria.  Prices are: $1.35 for students; reduced price is $.030; and adult price is $1.90.

Lunch is $1.85 for full-priced meals and $.40 for reduced-priced lunch. Free lunch is also available to those who meet federal income guidelines. Please see www.davis.k12.ut.us to apply for free or reduced lunch. If you don’t have a computer at home, please come to the school so we can assist you. A paper copy of the application is included in this packet. Students without lunch money in their accounts may not charge their lunch to pay later.

Attendance Policy

Attendance at school is critical for your child’s success.  Students who attend school regularly have greater achievement and learn important life skills.  Attendance is a family concern and we would like to support your efforts to encourage your child to attend regularly. We expect all students to be at school, on time each day.

We would ask that you follow this procedure if your child needs to be absent:

1.       Please call 801-420-3500 to report and give a reason for your child’s absence.  Or send a note with your child when he/she returns to give us that information.  If a child is ill, he belongs at home. 

2.       If students come to school ill, we will call to ask you to pick them up. Unless they have a fever, are vomiting, or have a contagious illness, they need to be here.

3.       Follow-up with the teacher to make sure that the child has access to materials and learning he may have missed.

Utah law requires parents to insure that their children attend school. The process of education requires regularity of instruction.  If your child if your child is not here.  Attendance letters will be sent to families with excessive absences.  Referrals to DSD Student Services and/or state agencies may be made if children are not attending regularly.

We reserve the right to reward students who make an extra effort to have perfect attendance (no absences, check-ins, or check-outs).


Positive Behavior Intervention Plan

Research indicates that schools are effective when they have well-established structures and procedures. At Layton, we strive to have a safe and orderly environment that promotes (1) self-respect, (2) respect for others, and (3) respect for property, through character education and positive behavior.

The Importance of Being Positive

At Layton Elementary, our staff knows the importance of positive energy! We believe that when students see themselves succeeding, they will strive for higher levels of excellence each day. Our goal is to teach students self-management skills which lead to happiness and success.

We pledge ourselves every day to the ideal of making learning opportunities to will lead to success for each student. We will help students to attain knowledge and skills to encourage excellence at every level.

 How We Run our Safe School:

Every student has the right to feel safe.

·         We treat students with respect so they will know how to treat others.

·         You have a lot of freedom to choose, as long as it doesn’t cause a problem for others.

·         If you cause a problem, you will be asked to solve it.

·         If you can’t solve a problem, we will do something.

·         What we do will depend upon the student and circumstances involved.

·         We cannot share with you what we do with another student; privacy is honored.

Growth Mindset

We teach students that their amazing brain is capable of learning and growing. Failure is an important part of learning and we can be proud when we learn from our failures.

Layton Essential Dozen

Students and teachers have worked together to provide our student conduct code, called the Layton Essential Dozen. We believe these behaviors will help your child be successful in school and life:

1.      Be nice to everyone.

2.      Be honest.

3.      Be respectful & polite.

4.      Be inclusive.

5.      Congratulate others who do well, and don’t brag when you do well.

6.      Behave appropriately.

7.      Speak with good purpose.

8.      No food in hallways or outside.

9.      Look people in the eye when they are talking to you.

10.  Listen first and don’t interrupt.

11.  Learn from your mistakes.

12.  Be an Upstander, not a bystander.

Dress Code

Grooming and Appearance

The School Board recognizes that standards of proper dress and grooming affect the behavior of students and the successful operation of the educational system.  Therefore, the Board sets the following standards for school dress and appearance:

1.       Hair

a.       Clean and well-groomed

b.      No extreme colors or styles that cause disruption of the classroom

c.       NO MOHAWKS

2.       Clothing – all students are required to wear clean clothing with no inappropriate form or manner of dress allowed.

a.       Neat, clean, safe, modest (covers the body appropriately)

b.      Shorts – shorts or skirts must be finger-tip length; no extremely tight short clothing.

c.       No obscene language or graphics on any clothing.


e.      No spandex shorts or leggings worn alone.

f.        Underclothing may not be visible.

g.       Shoes must be worn at all times. Flip-flops highly discouraged (for safety reasons). Wear appropriate shoes for PE participation.

h.      No hats, headgear, or caps may be worn in the school building.


Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy

Students may possess an electronic device at school, but:

·         It must be kept in the student’s backpack, powered off, at all times during the school day.

·         It may not be used in the school building at any time, and is not allowed to be used during lunch or recess times.

·         If a student violates this policy, the device may be confiscated.

o   First Offense – the student may pick up the device after school.

o   Second Offense – the device will be given to the parent or guardian only.

·         Violation of the policy can result in discipline up to suspension or expulsion, and notification of law enforcement depending on the nature of the offense.

·         Social Media is not to be used to bully other students. Problems caused by social media off campus may be addressed here, as well, if learning is disrupted. l

·         Please see our school webpage for this entire policy.



The school follows the Utah State Office of Education “standards” guide and Davis School District’s adopted courses of study DESK – Davis Essential Skills & Knowledge. We are currently implementing the Common Core Curriculum adopted by the majority of states, with particular emphasis to the USOE and DESK standards. Please see our webpage for more information.

Books and Materials

The school will provide textbooks and materials free of charge.  Students are responsible for any school items they bring home. Parents and students will be expected to pay for damaged or lost items.


You can expect that your child could have about 10 minutes per grade level: K-1, 5-10 min; 2nd – 20; 3rd – 30; 4th – 40; 5th- 50; 6th – 60. Homework includes assigned reading and should be considered when assigning homework. Homework need not be assigned every day.

School Fees

No school fees may be charged in connection with any class, program, or activity that occurs during the school day. Parents may voluntarily contribute to such activities as food experiences, field trip transportation, and admittance fees to museums, etc.

After School Program

We have an excellent Before and After School Care program at Layton Elementary. Monthly fees are:  $30/child if your qualifies for Free or Reduced Lunch; $50/child if they do not qualify. Hours are 7:30 – 8:40 am, and from end of school to 5:30 pm. See the office for enrollment details and applications.

Personal Items Brought to School

Students may bring personal items to school only if instructed by their teacher. Such items can be a nuisance when they distract from learning. The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

SEP Conferences

Parents and teachers will meet twice a year to create a Student Education Plan (SEP). These conferences will be held:

·         Nov. 8 & 9, 2017 – early out on Wed. and Thurs. only; regular Friday early-out

·         Jan. 31 & Feb. 1, 2018 - early out on Wed. and Thurs. only; regular Friday early-out

Resource, Speech, and Special Needs

Resource classes are provided for students with documented learning or other disabilities that adversely affect that student’s learning.  Parents or teachers may make a resource or speech referral.  However, before testing occurs, we are required to complete a number of interventions to see if students respond and the appropriate learning takes place.  Resource is not tutoring but specialized instruction to help students who are unable to succeed in the regular classroom because of documented disabilities.  It is our goal to be sure that students receive instruction in the least-restrictive environment possible.  If you have concerns about your child’s learning or communication needs, please feel free to discuss your concerns with the Principal or Assistant Principal. We are eager to help your child succeed.

Communications and Learning

Those children identified by parents and teachers as needing help in speech, language, or hearing may be tested if the impairment . If a child qualifies, he or she will be seen by a professionally trained speech/language pathologist.


Telephones are available in every classroom and may be used by students with teacher permission.  Students must have a phone pass to use phones in the office. Students will not be allowed to call home for permission to go home with a friend. Those arrangements should be made in advance at home. Cell phones may not be used during the school day.

School-wide Enrichment Model

SEM is a school program to provide a wide variety of enrichment activities available to all classes, as well as for a small group of students called the talent pool.

School-wide Interventions

To be sure that every child receives enrichment or remediation according to their need, Layton Elementary schedules a period of school-wide intervention Monday through Thursday.  Students will be assessed and will receive intervention in one of five areas:

·         Basic Reading (SPIRE)

·         Math – ST Math or Think-Through-Math

·         Reading Comprehension

·         SEM

·         Problem-solving



Prescription or non-prescription medications should be administered by the student or the student’s parents. However, when students require medication during the school day, authorized school personnel may administer the medication to the student if: (1) the student’s parents have submitted a completed “Authorization of School Personnel to Administer Medication” form signed by the student’s doctor; (2) the medication has been delivered to the school in the original container, labeled with the child’s name and dose, as per the doctor’s order; (3) student may carry the inhaler or one day’s dosage of the medication on their person.

Skateboards, Roller Skates/Blades, Scooters

Students may bring bicycles, skateboards, roller skates/blades, or scooters to school. However, these are not to be ridden on the playground. Bikes must be stored on designated bike racks only. Shoes with rollers should not be worn to school.

Student Accident Insurance

Authorization has been granted to schools to distribute, through students, literature which will acquaint parents with student accident insurance. Materials related to this program will be included in this packet. Parents desiring to participate in the plan must return the application forms and necessary money to the office as soon as possible. The school district does not carry personal insurance on students hurt at school.

Parent Involvement

Title I Parent Notification

As the parent of a student in a Title I school, you have the right to request and receive information about the qualifications of your child’s teacher and the teacher assistants who may work with your child. You may request information about: (1) whether your child’s teacher has met Utah qualifying and licensure requirements for each grade level; (2) Whether your child’s teacher is under emergency or other provisional status through which Utah qualification or licensing requirements have been waived; (3) The bachelor’s degree major of your child’s teacher and any other graduate certificates or degrees held by the teacher, including the area of the certification or degree; (4) Whether your child is served by paraprofessionals/teacher assistants and what their qualifications are.

In order to request this information, please call Principal Diane Hammer at 801-402-3500, email her at dihammer@dsdmail.net, or send a letter requesting the information.

Please see the back-to-school packet for your complete copy of the Title I Compact and Parents Rights.


PTA is an organization to help parents and school become a great partnership. Please watch for information for membership in the back-to-school packet.

Community Council

The Utah State Legislature has provided an opportunity for parent involvement at the school level. Each year, we have a Trustlands Grant given to the schools. Parents help decide where and how this money is spent. Our allotment for 2018-19 is $58,208.00.  We have planned to spend it on salaries for our school-wide reading interventions, RAZ-Kids online reading library, a Flight Director and subscription for our InfiniD Lab, 10 iPads, and a STEAM club for students. Elections will be held in September. Please sign up to help us! We meet once a month on the first Monday. Contact the principal for more information.


Visiting the School

All persons coming into the school need to check in at the office. Bring a form of picture ID with you. All ID will be checked in the office, even if you are just eating breakfast with your child. Volunteers and other visitors will need to wear their check-in sticker in the school or on field trips with students.

When attending an event during the school day, attendees will need a ticket provided by the teacher or check-in at the office. More information is forthcoming on that, but not available at this printing. We will keep you posted.

School Rules

LAYTON’S ESSENTIAL DOZEN: See in "Behavior" section.

Faculty and Staff 

Principal: Diane Hammer

Administrative Intern: Heather Schulz

Preschool: Becky Barker 

Kindergarten: Anjanette McNeely and Pamela Perry

First Grade: Carrie Dean, Sarah Fluckiger, Racquel Knavel, Jody Lowry 

Second Grade: Kammie Allen, LaDawn Brickey/Stacie Christensen, Tina Collins (new), Tonna Huillet 

Third Grade: Jennifer Cahoon, Vicki Gallegos, Lori Gillman 

Fourth Grade: Gayle Barnes, Christine Christensen/Olivia Jackson, Kayla Taylor (new)

Fifth Grade: Candice Berenson, Jamie Hammerschmidt, Camille Johnson, Liz Sullenger 

Sixth Grade: David Amparan (new), Sandra Barnum, Amy Larsen 

Special Education: Krista Nielsen, Raquel Santos, David Tetterton (new), Radell Trout  

Related Servers: Debbie Bruno, Speech/Language Pathologist; Haley Thomas, School Psychologist (new); Mary Dixon, School Counselor 

Office Staff: Susan England, Head Secretary; Office/Playground Assistants: Rashell Harrop, Kristy Poulson, Shannon Pace; Attendance Liaison, Joyce Davis. 

Head Custodian: Danny Roth

Kitchen Manager:  Charlene Barker

Librarian: Leora Warner

After-School Program:  (To be hired)

SEM Instructor: Amy Bullock

Prep Specialists: Heather Robbins, Art; Heather Peterson, PE; Kayla Chamberlain, Computers